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    Target Global Compliance Program

    Standards of Vendor Engagement

    Safe and Healthy Workplace

    A safe and Healthy workplace is essential for the employees working in your factories. The factory needs to provide the following to ensure the employees can quickly react in case of emergency: 
    健康与安全的工作环境对于你们工厂的雇员来说是必不可少的. 为确保您的雇员在紧急情况下能够迅速作出反应, 工厂需要提供以下便利/措施:
    1. Enough fire extinguishers and/or hydrants(with hoses) for the size of the factory and in accordance with local laws.
       相对于工厂规模足够的灭火器和/或消防栓(带水管), 且符合当地法律规定.
    2. Adequate emergency lighting(with a battery back-up) should be installed throughout the factory.
    3. Adequate emergency exits. Best practice is to ensure every employee had access to at least two exits.
       充足的紧急出口. 最佳做法是确保每名雇员都可以享用两个紧急出口.
       ***Exits should be unblocked(from the inside), unobstructed and well marked. The exit door should push to open, not pull to open. 
       ***紧急出口需保持畅通, 不得有任何阻挡/阻塞, 且明显标示. 紧急出口门必须是"推"开, 而不是"拉"开.
    4. All employees should have basic training on how to use the fire extinguishers/hydrants, location of the emergency exits and first-aid training.
       所有雇员需接受以下基本培训: 如何使用灭火器/消防栓, 紧急出口位置及急救培训.
    5. Personal Protective Equipment such as eyewear, ear-plugs and face masks should be made available to employees when applicable.
      当情况需要时, 需提供个人防护设备如:眼罩, 耳塞, 面具等.
        ***The employees should also be trained in the correct use and educated on why they should use personal protective equipment. 
        ***需要对雇员如何正确使用个人防护设备进行培训, 以及为什么他们需要使用个人防护设备. 
    6. If dormitories are provided, they must be in cmpliance with all applicable laws in regards to fire&safety, room size and number of occipants per room.
       如果工厂提供住宿(宿舍), 必须符合与消防/安全, 房间面积及每间人数等所有适用的法律要求.

    No Forced or Compulsory Labor
    ***Target has a "zero tolerence" policy towards the use of forced or compulsory labor. 
    1. Employees must be able to decline overtime without penalty (financial or other).
    2. Employees should not be subject to large financial emplyment deposits to begin or retain employment.
    3. No prison labor may be used. Is is illegal to import products produced by prison labor in the the United States per U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
    不得使用监狱劳动力. 根据美国海关与边防局,进口监狱劳动力生产的产品进入美国是违法的.

    Fair Disciplinary Practices
    Workers should not be unfairly punished for things such as declining overtime, being tardy, producing defective goods, or poor production. All factories shold have written rules regarding disclipnary procedures and those policies should be communicated to the workers.
    工人不得对如以下行为受到任何惩罚: 拒绝加班, 迟到, 做出次品或较差的生产. 所有工厂对于惩戒措施/程序需要书面规则/政策, 且这些规则/政策需传达于工人.
    1. Disciplinary practices must be in accordance to applicable local laws.
    2. Target ha a "zero tolerence" policy towards corporal punishment. 
    3. Corporal punishment is defined as "punishment inflicted on a person's body"

    No Discrimination
    ***Workers should be hired based on qualifications, not gender, race, personal characteristics or beliefss. 
    ***工人的雇用需根据其资格, 而不是性别, 种族, 个人特征或信仰.
    1. All employees should be treated with respect. This includes workers imported from another country.
    对于所有雇员都需要尊重以待. 包括他国雇员.
    2. Pregnacy/HIV testing should not be conducted at time of hire unless required by local law.
    除非有当地法律规定, 雇用时不得进行怀孕/艾滋病毒检测.

    Reasonable Working Hours and Overtime
    ***Working hours should not exceed local laws
    1. Target establishes a maximum work week(including overtime) of 60 hours. If local law specifies a work week(including overtime) of less than 60 hours, local law should be followed.
    Target接受的每周最长工作时间为60小时(包括加班时间在内). 如果当地法律规定的周最长工作时间(包括加班时间在内)小于60小时, 以当地法律为准.
    2. Employees should receive one day of rest per week(one day off in seven days).
    3. Employees must be able to decline overtime without penalty(financial or other).
    4. Vendors should know and follow the local law for each country of production.

    Fair Wages
    1. Employees must be paid for all hours worked. Use of a time clock or scan-card system is required to tracking employee's hours(both regular hours and overtime).
    必须支付雇员所有工作时数. 必须使用考勤钟或刷卡考勤系统来记录雇员工作时数(正常工作时数和加班时数)---***Target不接受手工考勤表.
    2. Local laws regarding wages and overtime compensation must be followed.
    3. Employees should receive additional compensation for overtime even if the particular country does not have overtime wage laws.
    即使某个国家未有加班工资的法律, 雇员也应当得到加班的额外补偿.
    4. Employees shgould be paid in a timely manner.
    5. Any payroll deductions must be in accordance with local laws.
    6. Employees should not be held respnsible for damaged goods.

    No Child Labor
    ***Child is defined by Target as being below the local minimum age or 14, whichever is greater. 
    ***Target对童工的定义: 14岁以下或当地法律规定的最小年龄以下-二者哪个大适用哪个. 
    1. Target has a "zero tolerence" policy towards the use if child labor. It is Target's Policy to not accept produced by child labor. 
    Target对于雇用童工采取"零容忍"政策. Target政策规定不接受童工生产的产品.
    2. Apprenticeship programs must be fully documented and in compliance with applicable local laws.
     学徒工计划必须有书面的实施制度和程序, 且符合当地法律规定.
    3. The factory must maintain complete and accurate personnel records for all employees, including "temporary" or "seasonal" employees
    工厂必须保存完整且准确的所有雇员人事纪录, 包括"临时工"与"季节工".
    4. Vendors should know and follow the local law for each country of production.

    Country of Origin
    1. Target will not accept any merchandise that was illegally tran-shipped into the United States per U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
    根据美国海关与边防局, Target不接受任何通过非法转运进入美国的货物.
    2. Target has a "zero telerence" policy towards the misrepresentation of Country of Origin. 
    3. Per U.S Customs and Border Protection, illegal transhipment is a false declarition if infirmation given to circumvent existing United States trade laws for the purpose of avoiding quotas, embargoes or prohibinitions, or to obtain preferential duty treatment.
    根据美国海关与边防局, 非法转运是出于规避现有美国法律关于配额,禁运或禁令或获取关税优惠待遇而进行的虚假原产地信息声明.
    4. The vendor/factory should maintain all production and import/export records for a period of five years as required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
    根据美国海关与边防局要求, 供应商/工厂应该对所有生产及进/出口记录保存五年.
    ***These records should remain at the factory for a minimum of 1 year and be provided upon request within 72 hours. 
    ***这些记录应该在工厂至少保留一年, 而且, 如果要求提供应该在72小时内拿出.

    Zero Tolerence/Severe Violation
    ***If any of the below listed 4 standards are violated at any point, the factory will be made non-compliant and will not be allowed to produce Target owned brand products for up to 3 years:
    ***任何时间对于以下四条标准中的任何一条的违犯, 工厂必须被定为"不遵约", 且3年内不得生产Target自有品牌产品:
    ***If the factory did produce Target products Target could not accept this merchandise. 
    ***如果工厂在做Target产品, Target将不接受这些商品
    1. No Child Labor
    2. No Forced or Compulsory Labor
    3. Fair Disciplinary Practices and No Corporal Punishment
    4. Country of Origin/Illegally Transshipped Goods

    Target Global Compliance Audit Process
    Target 全球遵约(人权)验厂程序

    Compliance audits are conducted to ensure all vendors and their factories meet the requirements of local laws, federal regulations, U.S Customs requirements and Target's policies.
    全球遵约(人权)验厂程序被执行以确保所有供应商及其工厂符合以下标准: 当地法律的要求, 美国联邦政府规章, 美国海关要求及Target公司政策.

    ***Compliance Audits are:
    1. Mandatory-All registered vendors and factories are required to participate and are subject to compliance audits.
    2. Unannounced-No notification is given to weither the vendor or factory in advance of the compliance audit. This allows us to see the factory on a typical day.
       不事先通知的(突击)-无论是供应商还是工厂在全球遵约验厂前都不会得到事先通知. 这样可以使我们在一个具有代表性一天来了解工厂.
    3. Verification of Global Compliance registration informatin-Information in BPM, including address information and contact information must be accurate and up-to-date. U.S. Customs and Border Protection required Target to know where our products are being produced.
       对于全球遵约注册信息的查证-对于供应商在Target"生意伙伴管理系统"注册的信息, 包括工厂地址及联系信息必须准确且最新. 美国海关与边防局要求Target了解我们的产品是在哪里生产的.
    4. Factory has up to three chances to become compliant with local laws and Target Standards of Vendor Engagement. Vendor will be required to pay for the third audit if a third audit is necessary.
       每个工厂至多有三次机会通过全球遵约验厂(遵从当地法律规定与Target供应商合约准则). 如果必须进行第三次(最后一次机会)验厂, 工厂或供应商需支付第三次验厂费用.

    Unannouced Factory Audit consists of 7 parts: 
    1. Opening Meeting-Auditor will expain the intent of visit and the audit process.
    2. Factory tour-General Walkthrough of the factory and dorms(if applicable)
    3. Employee interviews-Confidential, conducted one-to-one of in small groups.
    雇员面谈-秘密的, 一对一或分小组进行面谈
    4. Factory management interview-Review hiring process, factory rules, work schedules, and other procedures used by factory management.
    工厂管理层面谈-评估雇佣程序, 工厂规章制度, 工作计划, 以及工厂管理的其它程序.
    5. Country of Origina review-Review production records and shipping records.
    6. Closing meeting-Review any findings found during the audit with factory management. This includes detailing how to correct the issue(s) and negotiate the "correct by" date. The audit recap is signed by both the auditor and factory management and a copy is left with the factory.
    结束会议-与工厂管理层评论审验期间发现的问题. 包括详细的如何改正 发现的问题以及协议改正日期. 然后一份"验厂概要"需要验厂员和工厂管理人员共同签署, 且留一份拷贝于工厂.

    Types of Audits:
    First Round Audit:
    1. This is Target initial audit of a factory to determine if the factory is acceptable.
    2. Target pays for the first and second audits. After the second audit, if a follow-up audit is required the vendor will be charged per additional audit.
    Target支付第一次和第二次验厂费用. 第二次以后, 如果需要进行跟踪验厂, 工厂或供应商需支付本次额外验厂费用.
    3. There are a maximum of three audits

    Examples of Findings found during an audit
    Most common issues found in a factory during a compliance audit 
    1. Fire Safety, Exits and Equipment
    消防安全, 紧急出口及设备
    2. First Aid equipment not properly supplied
    3. Missing or incomplete personnel records
    4. Payroll and time keeping system not being properly used
    5. Lack of proper Country of Origin documentation-records must be maintained for 5 years per U.S. Customs and Border Protection
    缺少合理的原产国记录档案-根据美国海关与边防局, 记录档案需保存5年
    6. Wages-regular and overtime not being properly paid

    Audit finds are reviewed with factory management at the end of the audit
    验厂结束, 验厂结果与工厂管理层评阅

    Factory agrees to a specified time frame as to when issues will be corrected

    Note: A factory will be unregistered and assigned Non-compliant status if one or more of the following is found during the audit:
    注: 如果审验期间发现以下一个或多个问题, 该工厂将被解除注册且认定为"不合约(不合格)"状态.
    The following are considred Severe Violations and will result in non-compliance factory status at any point in time not just after a 3rd audit. The factory would then not be able to be used for up to 3 years. 
    以下被认为是"严重违犯"并且在任何时间内(不只是第三次验厂之后)会使该工厂被认定为"不合约(不合格)"状态. 且三年内不得用该工厂. 
    1. Child Labor 使用童工
    2. Forced Labor 强迫劳动力
    3. Corporal Punishment 体罚
    4. Illegal Transshipment 非法转运
    or 或
    1. Two denied audit 
    2. 3rd audit of the first round of audits
    3.  2nd sustainability audit

    Global Compliance will assess financial penalties for the following:
    1. Denied Audits-Auditor arrives to the factory and is declinded access to conduct a factory audit.
    2. Inaccurate Audits-The factory name/address information is not correct or up-to-date in BPM
    3. Unregistered Factory-Failure to register subcontractor/factories that are producing Target owned brand product(including subcontractors)

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